Wine cellar and cuisine at the hotel by Lake Neusiedl

A paradise for gourmets and pleasure-seekers

The culinary offers at the Das Schmidt hotel by Lake Neusiedl range from simple down-to-earth cuisine to imaginative interpretations of international menus and vegetarian dishes.

Complementary wines from the well-stocked wine cellars of this holiday hotel round off your dinner at the Schmidt to perfection!

Culinary delicacies at this hotel by Lake Neusiedl

When spending a holiday so close by the water, it is little wonder that the menu reads like a ‘best of’ list of fish dishes. Whether pan-fried sea bass on saffron savoy cabbage, rosemary gnocchi, whole roasted trout with almond and sesame butter and parsley potatoes or crispy zander fillet served on a vegetable tagliatelle: the kitchen team at the hotel by Lake Neusiedl certainly know how to impress!

The finest cuisine at the hotel by Lake Neusiedl and sophisticated wines from the cellar

The Schmidt family grow their grapes over five hectares of land. Only the very best grapes are used to make their top quality wines. Mr. Schmidt senior looks after the treasures stored in the wine cellar. From time to time, he shares some exciting stories about the grape harvest and the creation of these sophisticated wines right up to the point where they are served at the table. These social gatherings often end on the hotel terrace!

The following grape varieties complement the culinary delights served from the kitchen at the Lake Neusiedl hotel.

  • Welschriesling
  • Riesling Silvaner
  • Weissburgunder
  • Neuburger
  • Saemling
  • Chardonnay
  • Gelber Muskateller
  • Muskat Ottonel
  • Gewürztraminer
  • Blaufraenkisch Rosé
  • Blaufraenkisch
  • Blauer Zweigelt
  • Merlot

The Schmidt family produces wines of varying qualities: table wines, quality wines, top quality wines, ‘Beerenauslese’ specially selected grapes and ‘Trockenbeerenauslese’ dried specially selected grapes. Natural grape juice without preservatives and wines made using sherry production techniques are featured among the Schmidt family’s speciality products and should be sampled on any stay here!

Do you have a favourite wine at the Das Schmidt hotel? You can also purchase the wines and natural grape juices at the vineyard sales price!

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