Three bottles of wine lying in a basket in the countryside.

Wine at the hotel in the Burgenland

Holidaying in the Lake Neusiedl winegrowing region

Wine is a key theme in the Burgenland, especially in the hilly landscapes of Lake Neusiedl. No other winegrowing region in Austria has such a diverse range of cultivation areas over such a small area.

Sample numerous quality and top quality wines during your stay in the Burgenland. Your hosts, the Schmidt family, are competent wine connoisseurs; Richard Schmidt senior and his brother Michael Schmidt produce their own wines: the wines made by them are available at the 4-star hotel 'Das Schmidt' to accompany your evening meal.

Lake Neusiedl winegrowing region: wine at the hotel in the Burgenland

The Pannonian climate offers the ideal conditions for winegrowing in the Burgenland. The hilly landscapes of Lake Neusiedl are perfect for growing a range of grape varieties. Whether you prefer dry white wines, full-bodied reds or delightful or sweet special quality wines such as ‘Beerenauslese’ or ‘Trockenbeerenauslese’: you are guaranteed to find something to suit your palate during your holiday here. The wines served at this hotel in the Burgenland, the4-star 'Das Schmidt' hotel, are produced by the host family. The grapes are rich in character and are grown over a 5 ha cultivation area before being stored to produce some delicious wines, based on years of experience and a passion for tradition.

A central theme: cultivation and wine at the hotel in the Burgenland

You will encounter the theme of wine in a variety of ways during your holiday by Lake Neusiedl. Numerous sociable wine festivals, pubs and wine taverns invite guests to sample this quality grape juice. No wonder that the Burgenland was chosen as the location for filming the popular and renowned TV series 'Der Winzerkoenig'!

What are you waiting for? Send us a non-binding holiday enquiry and enjoy a glass of wine from Moerbisch at this hotel in the Burgenland.