Three bottles of wine lying in a basket in the countryside.

Holidaying according to script in Moerbisch near Rust

Winzerkönig – Holidays at the primary film location of Austria’s popular TV series

It is not surprising that the popular and successful TV series 'Der Winzerkoenig' was filmed in this picturesque town of Rust. The town charter of this ‘town of storks and quality wine’ was purchased from the Habsburgs in the 15th century for 500 buckets of Ruster Ausbruch wine. The region was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2001.

Harald Krassnitzer aka Thomas Stickler the Winzerkoenig (King of the winegrowers) has brought viewers one step closer to Rust with his acting talents. The images of the landscape shown in the series reflect the Burgenland’s status as a fantastic holiday destination.

Holiday at the film location for the TV series 'Der Winzerkoenig'

The 'Das Schmidt' holiday hotel is located just a few minutes’ drive away from the historic free town of Rust, the primary film location for the series 'Der Winzerkoenig'. Explore the home town of Thomas Stickler, King of the winegrowers: the magical alleyways and town houses add real charm to Austria’s smallest town. Get to know the land and people of Rust, the town of the King of the winegrowers, Thomas Stickler. Perhaps you might even run into the king himself as he chats with the locals during film shoots or enjoys a stroll through the diverse landscapes.

The King of the winegrowers and wine

Rust has been the primary location for filming the TV series 'Der Winzerkoenig' since 2005. In the TV series, new winegrower Thomas Stickler had to slowly and laboriously develop his wine expertise. In Rust, you too can visit the internationally renowned wine academy. Here you will spend several days learning all about this sophisticated grape juice during a seminar event.

The Schmidt family also produces excellent wines from its own cultivation. Since 1985 wine is being served next to the hotel during the Opera Ball.

Want to find out more about winegrower Thomas Stickler and the magical film location? Send a non-binding enquiry to the Schmidt family and look forward to an unforgettable holiday in the natural and wine paradise of Lake Neusiedl.