Moerbisch Lake Festivals

Operettas on the Lake Neusiedl lake stage

The Moerbisch Lake Festivals are the world’s largest and most successful operetta festivals in the world. The festivals on Lake Neusiedl attract some 22,000 visitors each year.

In July and August, it’s time to pull the curtain on some captivating operetta performances as part of the Moerbisch Lake Festivals.

Moerbisch Lake Festivals: culture against the natural backdrop of Lake Neusiedl

July and August are the peak of summer in the Burgenland – and the peak season for culture by Lake Neusiedl. Each year, operetta enthusiasts from all over the world settle down in one of the 6,000 seats on the lake stand to enjoy a performance with a view. As the sun sets and bathes Lake Neusiedl in a magical light, the first stars gradually begin to appear in the night sky and music fans can enjoy the lively sounds of some popular operettas.

Moerbisch lake stage: culture with a view

Want to gain a glance behind the scenes of the Moerbisch Lake Festivals? Then take part in a tour during the Lake Festivals! You can purchase tickets online from the Burgenland festivals website at and register for a tour. The team at the 4-star hotel 'Das Schmidt'would be happy to help you purchase tickets for the popular operetta festivals.

Musical 2022:

Musical: The king and IPremiere: July 14th 2022Performances till August 15th 2022

Concerts 2022:

  • 03rd and 04th June 2022: Starnacht am Neusiedler See
  • 19th July 2022: Schlagernacht
  • 20th July 2022: Roland Kaiser
  • 02nd August 2022: Best of Austria "Die große Jubiliäums-Tour"

Preview 2023:

  • 02nd Augsut 2023: Andrea Berg

Start looking forward to 2022 now when you can enjoy the magnificent sounds of the 'Operetta' on the Moerbisch lake stage.

While away the time at the 4-star independent hotel 'Das Schmidt', just a few metres away from the lake stage where the festivals are held on Lake Neusiedl. You can also travel by car and park at one of the many free spaces available on the festival site.

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Festival summer

First-class performances at Seefestspiele Mörbisch in front of a gorgeous scenery

Of course at the beginning everything was a bit less extravagant, but in 1957 already 1,200 guests came to see the performance of “The Gypsy Baron”. There have been a lot of changes since then but the basic idea is still the same: first-class performances in front of a gorgeous scenery.

A Night in Venice – operetta by Johann Strauss

From July to August the glamour operetta awaits you on stage. The operetta with love, desire, masks, music and deliberate confusions together to a festival of colours and sound will seduce you into another world.

Brass music fireworks

A total of 400 musicians pay tribute to the programme's name. From the military band to the police band and the smaller regional formations and national stars, in  July is characterised by modern tradition. There are of course other surprises waiting in addition to the music...

Guest events – Mörbisch Summer

Other premium events with notable names are also taking place:

  • July: evergreen night with Semino Rossi, Andy Borg Voxclub and many more.
  • August: Folk Music Summer Magic

Operas and classical music on Lake Neusiedl in summer

In addition there are several other highly recommended events taking place nearby:

St. Margarethen, Eisenstadt and Fertörakos

St. Margarethen Opera Festival

The St. Margarethen stone quarry supplied stones for the construction of the pompous Wiener Ringstraße – the boulevard in Vienna. Since then a lot has changed and the quarry became Europe's biggest natural stage that annually hosts first-class productions. From July to August you can look forward to famous opera in the open air.

Concerts at Esterhazy Palace

Haydn-Festival in Eisenstadt: Haydn and Eisenstadt can hardly be separated. Especially not in September when the premium works by this outstanding composer are on the programme again. From symphonies to songs and the Te Deum works by Haydn, Schubert and Mozart can be found on the programme.

From your Das Schmidt Private Hotel it's about 2 kilometres to Seebühne, the stage on Lake Neusiedl. Send us your no obligation holiday enquiry for the most beautiful summer days of the year right on Lake Neusiedl.