Quarry Theater Fertörákos

On July 27th 1937 the first performance took place in the quarry of Fertörákos. It was a sunday evening when the program titled "A Fairy Night" was performed. Nobody wanted to miss this spezial event. Since the reopening in 2015 the popularity of this amazing naturstage raised very fast.

In the little wine village Fertörákos can you find an amazing quarry which is located in the north of the village on a little hill. In summer many operas, theaters and danceshows are performated in the gorgeous pillar halls.

Natur- and kulturexperience quarry theater Fertörákos

Fertörákos has a top attraction since the reopen of the quarry in June 2015. The quarry theater provides a stylish ambiance although the cave has got a mesmerizing light- and shadowgame.

The theater got a modern light-, sound and stagetechnnic. Listening is perfect from every single seat. Overall there is room for 760 guests. The reanimated and still new quarry got a sign of adventure and kulture. At least thats what the organizer "ProKultura" from Sopron calls it.


Operetta 2022 in German Quarry Theater Fertörákos (Kroisbach) in Hungary, next village to Mörbisch:

'Ball im Savoy' from Paul Abraham:First performance: 24th June 2022For more performance or ticket informations see:

Other cultural-highlights at the Quarry Theater.

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