Excursions around Lake Neusiedl

Sights and highlights close to your holiday home, the Das Schmidt hotel

Whether as a couple, with friends or with all the family: the excursions on offer around Lake Neusiedl are great fun! Explore a whole range of attractions on your trips!

Your holiday hotel, the 4-star hotel Das Schmidt in the centre of Moerbisch, is the ideal starting point for some fantastic excursions around Lake Neusiedl: come and see for yourself!

The most attractive excursions around Lake Neusiedl at a glance:

  • The state capital of Vienna impresses with it historical, cultural and modern sights. A short trip which is well worth the effort!
  • You should plan a visit to the historic Free City of Rust as part of your trips around Lake Neusiedl.
  • Want to explore beyond the borders of Austria? Visit Bratislava and explore the beautiful city centre.
  • Sopron remained in Hungary after the Austro-Hungarian Empire was dissolved. Explore history and culture at every turn!
  • The new state capital of Eisenstadt with its trademark Esterházy Castle impresses numerous guests from Austria and abroad each year.

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