Events in the Burgenland region

Get in tune with the Pannonian rhythm and the history of Moerbisch

As a guest at the 4-star hotel Das Schmidt, you can spend your holiday right at the heart of the Moerbisch holiday resort. At first glance, you cannot fail to be impressed by the legendary Moerbisch lake stage. And at second glance, you will see plenty of sights which all have interesting stories to tell!

The Moerbisch lake stage rises up from Lake Neusiedl and is host to performances which can only be described as ‘magnificent’, according to director Harald Serafin. Each year, the stage attracts many visitors. In addition to its impressive performances, lively evenings and unique flair, visitors to these events in the Burgenland are particularly impressed by the Pannonian rhythm.

The Pannonian rhythm and the history of the community of Moerbisch

The area was first settled in around 5,000 BC: tools from the Palaeolithic and Neolithic, crouched burials from the Bronze Age, wine vessels from Celtic times and the remains of Roman structures bear testament to the region’s centuries of history. The magical alleyways of Moerbisch, decorated with flowers, have formed part of the UNESCOWorld Heritage Site since 2001 and invite guests to enjoy a comfortable stroll here. Once a year, Moerbisch turns its full attention to wine while the lively Vine Blossom Festival takes place in the alleyways. The 3-day festival is a popular event in the Burgenland and a must for wine lovers!

Events in the Burgenland at a Pannonian pace

The numerous events held at regular intervals in the Burgenland make the community of Moerbisch a truly attractive holiday destination: the Moerbisch Festivals on the Lake are known far beyond the borders of the Burgenland region. Numerous events take place in the months of July and August as part of these festivals. However, the numerous other events held in the Burgenland after the festivals show that life is never dull here in Moerbisch:

  • Lake Neusiedl Cycle Marathon and Moerbisch Running Day
  • Culinary Festival in March
  • National park tours from April to November
  • Surf Word Cup during the first week of May
  • Concerts at Esterházy Castle from April to November
  • Midsummer celebrations in the communities of Lake Neusiedl in June
  • Grocery and pottery markets from April to November, wine festivals in the Lake Neusiedl winegrowing communities from April to November
  • Lake festivals in July and August
  • Opera festivals at the Roman quarry in St. Margarethen in July and August
  • Passion plays in St. Margarethen take place every 5 years: book your tickets now for the next play in 2016.
  • Vine Blossom Festival in June
  • Wine Festival Days in July

Find out today about the numerous events taking place in the Burgenland and experience the Pannonian pace of life first hand. Track down the history of the popular community of Moerbisch by Lake Neusiedl. And right at the heart of it all: the 4-star hotel Das Schmidt: send us a non-binding room enquiry today! In order to shorten the time up to your holiday, please have a look at the gallery!