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Sights in Burgenland

Experience culture on Lake Neusiedl in spring

Around Lake Neusiedl there is a lot to do. If you are interested in culture and have already made your experiences in Vienna then you will find an interesting addition with Lake Neusiedl's culture. Look forward to several cultural highlights, with Eisenstadt as home of the Esterhazy dynasty and the former main route from Vienna to Budapest. 

In spring everything starts to blossom, but not only that, it is also the perfect time to visit cultural highlights. Pleasant temperatures and notably fewer tourists than in the summer months offer the perfect conditions. 

Esterhazy Palace

The Esterhazy dynasty from West-Hungary is inevitably linked with Burgenland's history. On the way from Vienna to Hungary you will find their traces and the most impressive amongst them is located in Eisenstadt: the baroque palace with the gorgeous palace gardens has become an established concert venue in Joseph Haydn's home town. We also recommend a tour through the palace, which is about 20 minutes away form your Das Schmidt Private Hotel.

Fertöd/Eszterhaza Palace

Not to confuse with Esterhazy Palace, but Eszterhaze Palace is indeed closely liked with it. Located on the south bank of Lake Neusiedl it is one of Hungary's biggest rococo castles and has been compared to palaces like Schönbrunn and even Versailles for a reason. The museum in the palace is definitely worth a visit, as is the palace garden.

Mönchhof village museum

A trip to Burgenland's history: a 45 minute drive will get you to a 100-year long journey into the past, where you will find yourself in the middle of an old farmer's parlour, in traditional handicraft workshops and at farms, the ones you won't find anymore today. Look forward to the outstanding open air museum.

Halbturn Palace

Halbturn Palace is located close to Podersdorf in neighbouring Frauenkirchen with St. Marthins-Spa and was originally built as a hunting lodge for Emperor Karl VI. It offers interesting exhibitions, concerts and serves as a venue for events like weddings. About 50 minutes away.

Burgenland Stadt Museum

Right next to Esterhazy Palace in Eisenstadt you will find the State Museum of Austria's smallest county (except Vienna). From the previous history to the Roman Age and up to the last century and its upheavals, here you will learn many interesting facts. Get to know the historical importance, the most important export goods and of course the political areas of conflict between Vienna and Budapest.

Wine Museum in Eisenstadt

In a wine-growing region like Burgenland you will of course also find a wine museum. Eisenstadt can call Austria's biggest wine museum its own and everyone who appreciates wine and is looking for a new approach to this ancient yet never outdated drink, will get their money's worth here.

Joseph Haydn Museum in Eisenstadt

Haydn has shaped the history of classical music with his comprehensive oeuvre like no one else. He is closely linked to Eisenstadt, Burgenland and the Esterhazy dynasty. Today Haydn's works are often in the shadow of Mozart's but during his lifetime he was indeed Europe's most famous musician. His former residence is an absolute must for fans of classical music. It offers great insights into the life and time of this outstanding man.

Old bourgeois houses in Rust

The centre of this small town of Rust truly is something special: the old bourgeois houses date back to the 16th century and give the listed old town a very unique appearance. By car it's only a 5-minute drive to the neighbouring town; walking or cycling there, on the other hand, is definitely worth the effort.

At Das Schmidt Private Hotel we gladly provide you with further tips for cultural trips in Burgenland in spring. Just send us a no obligation holiday enquiry and enjoy Burgenland and Lake Neusiedl from its most beautiful side.

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Nature & Wine

Holidays in the natural paradise

Your four-star Hotel Das Schmidt lies in the centre of the town of Moerbisch am Neusiedlersee. The Neusiedlersee with its cultural centre Moerbisch is worth a travel not only during the well-known Lake Festival Moerbisch.

Culture & Region

Around the Neusiedlersee

Nature and culture by Lake Neusiedl will cross your paths in many ways during your holiday. Visit cultural events, fortifications, castles and museums or go on a trip to the nearby cultural towns.