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Hotel Das Schmidt: Your beauty hotel by Lake Neusiedl

Beauty treatments with the strength of grapes and Pannonian healing chalk

Did you know that grapes are packed with strength which can enhance beauty? At our beauty hotel by Lake Neusiedl, we know all about the positive effects of grapes and we harness the benefits of their active ingredients.

Experienced cosmetics experts will discuss your own personal requirements for your beauty treatment at the 4-star Das Schmidt hotel. Enjoy being pampered with a manicure, pedicure, peeling or skin care programme based on the power of grapes.

The power of grapes at our beauty hotel by Lake Neusiedl

The oil extracted from grape seeds is rich in essential fatty acids and a key moisturising ingredient. Active ingredients contained in the fruit itself include vitamin B, minerals and trace elements which help firm and detoxify the skin.

In addition to grapes, chalk from the Leitha Mountains will also play a key role during your beauty holiday at the 4-star 'Das Schmidt' hotel. This chalk was certified under the name of 'Pannonian healing chalk' in 2009. This Pannonian healing chalk is used exclusively at our beauty hotel by Lake Neusiedl.

Body care from head to toe at the beauty hotel by Lake Neusiedl

At our beauty hotel by Lake Neusiedl, you can benefit from a soothing body care treatment: enjoy being pampered from head to toe, quite literally!

VITEUS-Spa foot care
Sea salt grape seed peeling, wine bath, removal of dead skin, nail treatment, final treatment with Vinoble Riesling creme. Pampering time approx. 50 mins € 59.-
VITEUS-Spa manicure
Hand peeling, nail bath, nail care, nail polish, final treatment with Vinoble hand cream.
Pampering time approx. 40 mins / varnish € 7.- / special varnish € 17.-
€ 43.-

NEW: Viteus well-being hand massage with acupressure ring – gently stimulates the energy points.

Beauty treatments for your well-being at the beauty hotel by Lake Neusiedl

Eyelash or eyebrow dyeing € 13.-
Beautiful eyes package
Eyelash & eyebrow dyeing & eyebrow shaping € 29.-
Hair removal with warm wax
Upper lip wax € 9.-
Upper lip and chin € 21.-
Lower leg up to knee € 36.-
Full leg € 49.-
Bikini area € 33.-
Armpits € 25.-
Arms € 33.-
Turbo solarium with skin type identification
Per token 7 mins € 7.-
Viteus Bonus 10+2 tokens € 70.-

Facial treatment for him and her by Vinoble Cosmetics vegan. sustainable. unisex.

Vinoble invigorating  I  basic treatment incl. décolleté

Mild cleansing, enzyme peeling, steaming, careful elimination of skin impurities, eyebrow shaping, massage, soothing moisturising mask for a refreshing and revitalising effect. Final treatment adapted to your skin type.
(pampering time approx. 50 mins)

€ 73.-
Vinoble radiance  I  Sauvignon treatment
Following the basic treatment, you will be pampered with a wine mask made from grape seed flour, healing earth and moisturising serum. This combination stimulates blood flow and activates the skin’s healing processes. The integrated treatment for the eyes returns the skin around the eyes to its natural radiance.
(pampering time approx. 60 mins)
€ 95.-
Vinoble intensive  I  modelling treatment
The Vinoble modelling intensive treatment involves a heat mask with a deep impact effect. Luxury Vinoble cremes are applied layer by layer following the basic treatment, according to each area of the skin. The result is a long-lasting, smooth and well cared for appearance. Includes a soothing hand massage. A fountain of youth for stressed skin.
(pampering time approx. 90 mins)
€ 127.-
Vinoble liberating  I  Vino-deluxe treatment
A deluxe treatment with a mask of vine leaves. A particularly relaxing and liberating treatment. The surface of the skin appears visibly smoother and firmer. Following the basic treatment, the effect is intensified with a special massage using warm and cold sachets of grape seeds. The integrated eye treatment soothes and nourishes stressed skin around the eyes. You will also receive a hand peeling and hand massage as an additional extra. Pure luxury with a rejuvenating effect.
(pampering time approx. 90 mins)
€ 142.-
Vinoble visible  I  eye treatment
This eye treatment includes an eye massage developed to bring back radiance to the stressed area around the eyes. The eye cream and eye gel have an anti-inflammatory effect and stimulate the blood flow. A special eye mask is then applied to smooth and nourish the eye area.
(pampering time approx. 20 mins)
€ 39.-
Vinoble cosmetics  I  vegan. sustainable. unisex
Therefore all treatments are perfect suited for male skin.  

Vinoble supplementary  I  additional intensive facial treatment:

  • hyaluranic concentrate
  • regenerating concentrate

per concentrate during treatment: € 19.-

Let us take you to cloud nine with a treatment at our beauty hotel by Lake Neusiedl! Do you have any questions about making an appointment or about the individual beauty treatments? Send us a non-binding room enquiry or ask for a free call-back from the 4-star hotel 'Das Schmidt'. One of our employees will get back to you immediately to answer your questions.

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in the Privathotel Das-SCHMIDT


in the Privathotel Das-SCHMIDT


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With the addition of the 500 m2 ‘Viteus’ well-being area to the Schmidt family’s well-being hotel, an exclusive beauty and pampering area has been created. Here you can enjoy a pampering.

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Your four-star Hotel Das Schmidt lies in the centre of the town of Moerbisch am Neusiedlersee. The Neusiedlersee with its cultural centre Moerbisch is worth a travel not only during the well-known Lake Festival Moerbisch.

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Nature and culture by Lake Neusiedl will cross your paths in many ways during your holiday. Visit cultural events, fortifications, castles and museums or go on a trip to the nearby cultural towns.