Vinoble cosmetics: gold from grapes

Cosmetics from the 4-star hotel 'Das Schmidt'

True beauty comes from within: our well trained cosmetics team at the 'Das Schmidt' well-being hotel are convinced of this. The cosmetics products from Vinoble make you radiate with beauty, both inside and out.

Did you know that grapes are real beauty specialists? The oil extracted from the seeds is rich in essential fatty acids and supplies moisture to the skin. Grape seeds contain polyphenols while the fruit of the grapes contains vitamin B, minerals and trace elements. This unique combination returns your skin to its natural radiance. The ingredients in the Vinoble cosmetic products also have a firming and detoxifying effect.

Vinoble [c]lean luxury products combine natural ingredients, minimalism, sustainability and efficacy. This is our promise to your skin and the environment.

Vinoble cosmetics for health and beauty

Take advantage of your well-being break at the independent hotel 'Das Schmidt' to try something new: you can test cosmetic products from Vinoble during a holiday at the 4-star hotel. Let our experienced cosmetics experts advise you and compile a well-being package for you to take home.

All of the Vinoble cosmetics products at a glance


Classic cleansing milk with precious grape and grape leaf extract, aloe vera and soy oil. Removes dirt particles and the skin’s own dissociations. A pleasant feeling of freshness is created. The rich, smooth texture allows at the same time a quick and thorough eye make-up removal.

Application: apply in the morning and evening. Apply with gently circular movements on face and neck. Remove with water afterwards and deeply cleanse with the Vinoble cleansing tonic.
Skin type: sensitive, dry, mature
Liquid cleansing gel with precious grape extracts and Dead Sea salt. Intensive and yet gentle: the cleansing gel prunes the skin of dirt and takes care of a refreshed feeling on the skin. Despite its strong cleansing effect the skin is still provided with moisture because of the special plant compounds.

Application: apply in the morning and the evening. Emulsify the cleansing gel on damp skin and cleanse with water. For a deep cleansing use the Vinoble cleansing tonic afterwards.
Skin type: combination skin
Alcohol-free tonic for all skin types with precious grape extract, camomile and lime blossom extract and allantoin. The essential addition to the above mentioned cleansing compound: it removes the last traces thoroughly, which allows the skin to absorb the care products better. The cleansing tonic cleanses and vitalises the skin in a gentle way, has a refreshing effect and serves as a perfect compress for the sensitive eye area.

Application: Soak a cotton pad with the cleansing tonic after every cleansing or mask application and gently sweep over your face and neck.
Skin type: sensitive, dry, combination, mature


Resist the signs of times with this effective, highly developed Vitality Cream Deluxe. The special agent-complex Aquafill uses a synergetic combination of herbal ceramids, barley extracts and hyaluronic acid in order to enhance the skin. The organic grapevine and grape pip extracts nurture your skin, balance it and protects it against the UV rays’ injurious effects. You will recognise an instant enhancement of your skin, the elasticity will be strengthened and your skin will be moisturised and provided with a finer appearance. If used regularly it also helps to diminish wrinkles and protects it against early skin aging.

Application: for every skin type as a 24-hours cream, especially for dry skin as day care.
Skin type: sensitive, dry, impure, combination, mature
With precious grape pip oil, hyaluronic acid, grape pip extract and vitamin A. The highly effective agents of this special care for dry, demanding skin provide a pleasant feeling.
After only a short time your skin feels fresher and more radiant. The skin will absorb the cream quickly, which leads to a perfect effect. The cream soothes and smoothens the skin and works as a radical quencher.

Application: can be applied as a day and/or night care
Skin type: sensitive, dry, combination, mature
24h face cream. Modern. Lifestyle product. Light texture.


prevents premature skin aging
protects against light-related skin aging
provides the skin with intensive moisture thanks to hyaluronic acid
Rich cream with grape pip extract, OPC, vitamin A and E, grape leaf extract and D-panthenol. The regeneration cream provides the skin with highly effective, regenerating agents. The high amount of OPC reduces wrinkles and creates a smooth and tightened skin. If applied in the evening the skin will look fresh and relaxed in the morning. The perfect supplement for under the cream are the serums by Vinoble. They provide skin enhancement and radiance.

Application: apply on cleansed skin in the evening, with dry skin best used in the morning and in the evening
Skin type: sensitive, dry, mature
Anti-aging sun protection cream SPF 30. For all lifestyle outdoor activities. Modern photostable UVA & UVB broadband protection system based on the latest scientific standards


Ideal sun and cold protection without potentially harmful substances
Effective protection against light-induced skin aging
Light, quickly absorbed, oil-free, non-sticky texture with a nourishing skin feel
Firming special care for the neck, décolleté and bosom. Anti-aging.


resveratrol makes the skin appear finer and firmer
long and short chain hyaluronic acid fills the skin with moisture and reduces wrinkles
tree fern extract forms a film with a smoothing effect on the skin
Anti-inflammatory, matting cream with almond oil, argan oil, sorbitol and grape seed extract. This 24-hours cream for combination skin with impurities provides the skin sleekness and freshness with its precious proanthocyanidin and shea-butter. A special anti-inflammatory agent reduces the sebum production and also new skin impurities.

Application: Apply on your skin in the morning and evening after a thorough cleansing with the balance cleansing gel and the cleansing tonic.
To cover-up skin impurities with allantoin, argan oil, vitamin complex A and E and grape seed extract. A special anti-inflammatory ingredient reduces step by step skin redness and creates an even and matt skin. The tinted balance cream is a perfect cover-up for skin impurities and can also be used as a make-up.

Application: apply in the morning and evening over the Vinoble balance cream. In case of extreme oily skin you can use the tinted balance cream alone.
Skin type: impure, combination skin

Eye care

Rich anti-aging eye care with precious OPC from grape seeds, avocado oil, jojoba oil, Q10 enzyme and the vitamins A and E. The efficient care provides moisture, balances visibly and quickly mimic wrinkles, if applied regularly and makes the skin more resistant against stress and traces of time. The cream is absorbed quickly by the skin and the result is a tightened and soft skin.

Application: apply after cleansing in the morning and evening under your eyes in small, gentle circular movements, from the inner area to the outer area.
Skin type: dry
Light, quickly tightening eye gel with precious OPC from grape seeds, rose petal water and aloe vera. This gel has a decongestant and tightening effect and is absorbed quickly by the skin. We especially recommend the combination of the eye gel (in the morning) and the Vinoble eye cream (in the evening).

Application: apply a small amount of gel with your fingers and tap gently without rubbing, in the morning and in the evening
Skin type: sensitive, dry
Intensive eye mask with precious OPC, almond oil, aloe vera, eyebright, hyaluronic acid and rose pedal water. Special eye mask with precious, soothing agents for the sensitive eye area. The premium ingredients supply and tighten the whole eye area. The mask has a strong decongestant effect, reduces wrinkles and eye shadows and creates a soft and radiant appearance.

Application: apply twice or three times a week on the cleansed eye area. After 10 minutes remove with a damp cloth.
Skin type: sensitive, mature
Perfect for recreation of the tired eye area – cooling  

Creators of beauty

An exfoliation for every skin type, with precious grape seed extract, bamboo fibres and papain. Old horny cells are removed gently from the skin with the agents of bamboo fibres, papain (the papaya enzyme), precious grape seed oil and grape seed extract. The skin can absorb agents better. Because of the skin’s blood circulation the collagen fibres are stimulated – a fresh and clean skin is the result.

Application: apply twice or three times a week or as needed. Apply a thin layer on the wet skin (leave out the eye area and lips), leave it on for 7 to 10 minutes, quickly exfoliate with your damp hands and remove thoroughly.
Skin type: dry, impure, combination, mature
Face lifting mask. Anti-aging cream mask. Firming. Regenerating.


overnight mask for demanding skin
prevents wrinkles
moisturizing and smoothing
Application: apply generously twice a week on face and neck, if needed even more often. Leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes, remove the remains with a dry cloth.
Skin type: sensitive, dry, mature
With grape seed flour, healing earth, vitamin A and E, hyaluronic acid. The mask, which can do both: reduce wrinkles and soothe the skin. The precious grape seed flour serves as a radical quencher, the healing earth as an anti-inflammatory agent and the skin protection vitamins as well as the hyaluronan create a fit skin.

Application: apply on the cleansed skin twice a week. Leave it on 10 to 20 minutes, exfoliate and wash it off thoroughly.
Skin type: dry, impure, combination, mature
Lifting gel with precious grape seed extract and hyaluronic acid. The gel for the quick freshness kick. Hyaluronic acid and the precious OPC take care of a smooth and tightened skin appearance. Especially recommended for skin with tiny wrinkles, which is prone to irritations and dander.

Application: before using the Vinoble care cream apply the elixir on your face, neck and cleavage in the morning and in the evening. Is also perfect for all other body areas that need tightening effect.
Skin type: dry, combination, mature
With precious OPC from grape seeds, Q10, soy oil and aloe vera. The serum is absorbed by the skin instantly and provides precious and highly dosed ingredients. It has a soothing and smoothing effect and is perfect for stressed skin and skin, which shows first signs of aging.

Application: apply drop by drop on your face, neck and cleavage before using the Vinoble care cream in the morning and in the evening.
Skin type: dry, impure, combination, mature
Concentrate with precious grape seed oil, almond oil, avocado oil, soy oil and retinol. Essential fatty acids soothe and smooth the skin and protect it from environment-caused skin aging. Fine lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. The rich serum is absorbed perfectly by the skin and leaves it velvety smooth. Especially recommended for sensitive and dry skin with feeling of tension.

Application: apply drop by drop on your face, neck and cleavage before using the Vinoble care cream in the morning and in the afternoon.
Skin type: dry, mature


With grape seed oil, vitamin A and E, ginkgo extract, birch extract, liposome with algae extract and orange oil. This premium agent complex supports the skin during the natural regeneration, if applied regularly it has a tightening effect and leaves the skin velvety smooth. The fine texture is especially well absorbed by the skin.

Application: can be applied daily in the morning and in the evening
Skin type: sensitive, dry, combination, mature
Organic detergent and lipid balancing cleansing substances with rose pedal water, Dead Sea salt, orange oil and grape seed extract. This gentle shower gel with selected organic grape ingredients cleanses the body without leaving it dry.

Application: for your morning and evening shower
Skin type: sensitive, dry, combination, mature
With OPC from grape seeds, organic depigmentation factor, aloe vera, D-panthenol, grape seed oil and vitamin E. This extremely premium hand cream prevents and visibly reduces age marks. The cream leaves a velvety smooth feeling on your skin.

Application: use every time you wash your hands, at least every morning and evening
Rich foot cream with grape seed extract, grape seed oil, walnut oil, farnesol and D-panthenol. This exclusive foot cream indulges dry feet with the grape virtue. This way the skin on your feet will be moisturised and soft and smooth.

Application: apply in the morning and the evening on your cleansed feet
Moisturising foot cream with grape seed extract, honey, aloe very, sorbitol and farnesol. This soothing cream moisturises the skin on your feet and diminishes unpleasant smells. The precious grape ingredients provide a soft and smooth feeling.

Application: apply on your cleansed feet in the morning and in the evening
Precious red vine leaves concentrate, oak bark, aloe vera, comfrey and grape seed extract. The red vine leaves contain flavonoids, which are especially protective and supply the vascular walls. This moisturising care bath will leave your skin velvety soft. Pure relaxation and indulgence.

Application: mix 5 big table spoons of the wine bath in your bath water. A sea-salt-grape-seed-exfoliation is the best preparation for this bath.
Made of precious cold-pressed grape seeds. The all-natural oil made from the Zweigelt grape has a green-golden colour. From ca. 250kg raw pomace (the solid remains of the fruits) you will get 15kg of grape seeds, which are the base ingredient for a litre of this precious oil. Grape seed oil has been a popular wonder drug and cosmetic for centuries. It is especially the agent procyanidin that is a very significant anti-oxidant.

Application: for care or massage of the whole body or as a exfoliation supplement to the sea-salt-grape-seed-mix.
Skin type: sensitive, dry
Made from crystal salt and grape seeds. This exfoliation is mixed with grape seed oil and frees the skin from dead skin cells. The grape seed oil provides the entire skin with the important and essential fatty acids. The skins blood circulation is stimulated and the skin will therefore look tightened.

Application: once or twice a week

New releases

Regenerating concentrate for the face. Natural protection against light-induced skin aging. Pigmentation treatment. Cell regenerating.


good pre-foundation and makeup prep
regenerates cells, protects against oxidative environmental influences and free radicals
prevents premature skin aging
Moisturizing and regenerating fleece face mask. Smoothing. Anti-aging. Instantly visible lifting effect.


visible effect before special events
revives tired skin
tightens the chin
Cooling after sun care. Prolongs the tan. Moisturizes.


carrot oil ensures a long-lasting tan
aloe vera gel soothes the skin after sunbathing
grapeseed oil protects the skin from free radicals