A couple on an independent safari with binoculars in the Neusiedlersee nature reserve in Burgenland
An old couple enjoy nature among the vineyards in Burgenland

Hiking by Lake Neusiedl

Beautiful hiking tours across the Pannonian lowlands

Whether in spring, summer or autumn: hiking by Lake Neusiedl offers plenty of diversity during your active holiday. The Schmidt family is pleased to be your host.

A holiday at the 4-star hotel Das Schmidt is an unforgettable holiday experience – the Pannonian climate, the endless expanse of the Lake Neusiedl National Park and the vineyards are bound to make you crave a relaxing active holiday in Moerbisch by the lake.

Hiking by Lake Neusiedl: exploring the UNESCO World Heritage Site on foot

Start your holiday with a hearty breakfast: delicious pastries, fresh fruit, juices and some tasty bites will give you the energy you need for your hiking tour by Lake Neusiedl. Your hosts are there for you even first thing in the morning, providing you with tips for your walk to ensure you are well-equipped for your excursion out into nature.

Hiking by Lake Neusiedl in spring and summer

In spring, a hiking tour of the conservation areas by Lake Neusiedl is not to be missed! During warm weather, you can watch nature gradually awaken, including some acrobatic mating rituals by the lapwings. In summer, you should plan your walk for the morning or later afternoon. The hot midday sun is best enjoyed from the spacious hotel garden with its biotope or from the lido by Lake Neusiedl.

Hiking by Lake Neusiedl in autumn

The Lake Neusiedl region is characterised by its long and warm autumn. In the early hours of the morning, the geese leave their sleeping areas on the water and head to their grazing areas. The national park is not the only destination popular with hiking tours. Autumn is also the period of the grape harvest – you can explore the charming side of this holiday region with a walk through the vineyards. You can also help the winegrowers harvest their grapes if you wish and learn all about the various aspects of the grape harvest.

After your walk by Lake Neusiedl, it’s time to return to the charming and family-run 4-star hotel Das Schmidt: while away the evening over a delicious evening meal and a bottle of top quality wine.

Want to explore the holiday region with a hike by Lake Neusiedl? Send us a non-binding room enquiry today!