Viteus Salinum

Relaxed tranquillity in the salt

Enjoy the wonderful microclimate in the Viteus salsa salt relaxation room as a couple or as a single person - it's as relaxing as a day by the sea.

New: Viteus Salsa

Viteus Salsa  
Natural crystal salt and additionally introduced salt air create a microclimate similar to that of the sea, which can provide wonderful support for your health. Salt neutralizes and is recommended for allergies, respiratory diseases (asthma, bronchitis, sore throat and sinusitis), skin diseases such as psoriasis, neurodermatitis, acne, heart and circulatory problems, migraines and headaches, rheumatic diseases, hypothyroidism, stress syndromes (fatigue and sleep disorders, burn-out), depression, menopause, and of course to maintain and promote existing health. Relaxation time: approx. 25 minutes

Price: € 5,-
Salt whirlpool  
The harmonious saltwater warm pool in the 200-year-old original wine vault with approx. 3-4% brine content, with bubble bench and bubble lounger for complete relaxation in warm salt water.

Tip: please take a shower before the bath, do not shower after the bath, the fine salt film that remains on the skin allows your skin to regenerate optimally.
Water temperature: approx. 29 degrees

Recommended bathing time: 20 minutes

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