Three bottles of wine lying in a basket in the countryside.

Wine festivals in the Burgenland

Wine festivals by Lake Neusiedl

The numerous wine festivals which take place in the Burgenland are sociable events which are sure to impress. All of Moerbisch comes together along the main road and in the picturesque alleyways to celebrate the wine festivals.

However, the wine festivals of the Burgenland are not limited to Moerbisch and the 'Das Schmidt' hotel. The legendary cellar alleys festival in Purbach, the wine festival in Oggau and the famous wine festival days in Moerbisch all invite guests to enjoy wine tasting, dancing and music during cosy get-togethers.

The Lake Neusiedl wine festivals at a glance

April: Wine Opening in Purbach: some 20 Purbach winegrowers will be opening up their historic cellars and vineyards from 2.00 pm as part of the build-up to the monthly cellar alleys festival. Includes tasting sessions of the young whites & reds and a popular cellar walk.

April: Rust wine treasures: wine cellar open days run by the winegrowers of Rust. Visitors can enjoy some exceptional wines and cuisine!

May: Oggau wine delight: winegrowers, artists and restaurant owners invite guests for a weekend in Austria’s oldest red wine community under the motto of ‘cellar-cuisine-art’.

Cellar alleyways – wine taverns in Purbach from May

In 1850, the winegrowers of Purbach established their wine cellars at the foot of the Leitha Mountains.

Around 50 of them are now lined up to form a unique cellar alleyway. They serve as a place of storage and wine storage and form one of the most beautiful spots in the centre of Purbach.

Every first Saturday of the month (May to October), approx. 10 winegrowers invite guests to while away the time and sample the wines as part of a social gathering. This transforms the cellar alley into a wine tavern.

The entire selection of top quality wines from Purbach’s numerous winegrowing establishments is served here along with some down-to-earth culinary treats.

May: Vine blossoms in Moerbisch: wine cellar open days run by the winegrowers of Moerbisch with some excellent wines to sample.

July: Kleinhoeflein wine fair: the biggest wine tavern of the Burgenland. 33 years ago, 9 winegrowers came together with the aim of spoiling their visitors for 10 days of each year with a cosy wine tavern ambience in the beautifully decorated village square. Opening celebration at 7.00 pm with the Austrian Wine Queen Patricia I. Open daily from 11.00 am with free admission.

July Moerbisch wine festival days: a traditional village street festival in the centre with Moerbisch wines to sample and enjoy at small wine huts as well as music and dancing. Savour the mild summer evening with friends over some delicious wines and tasty treats.

July: Oggau wine festival: delicious wines from Austria’s oldest red wine community.

July: Rust golden wine week: a wine festival in the Rust town hall square with music and dancing. Sample some great wines in a historic setting.

September:- 'Lueg ins Land' – wine in autumn. Oggau, Austria’s oldest red wine community, invites guests to undertake a wine walk along the Oggau panoramic trail under the motto of 'Lueg ins Land'. Fans of this fermented grape juice can find out more about the winegrowing culture of the Burgenland and sample some wines and culinary treats at numerous points along the way. 30 stations along the 2km wine walk through the marshlands of Oggau explain about the grape varieties, vine pruning and locations in the region as well as the old winegrowing and wine cellar equipment once used. Selected products made by Oggau’s winegrowers can be sampled at refreshment points along the way. Young wines, white and red wines, special quality wines, brandies and liqueurs are all served at these points. Regional culinary delights and bacon roasted over a campfire are also served for sustenance!

September: grape harvest festival in Moerbisch by Lake Neusiedl, festival procession with grape harvest carts, wines to enjoy at the winegrowers’ cellars and the announcement of the grape harvest queen, with music and dancing. An old custom is revived for some genuine wine-based enjoyment.

The largest steppe lake in Europe is a key theme during the wine festivals at Lake Neusiedl. Lake Neusiedlglittering in the sunshine will always remain in sight during the wine festivals in the Burgenland.

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